My name's Eric, but I go by "ericoc" most places online. I'm a 20-something nerd who's interested in computers and other technical junk. After graduating college, I moved to New Jersey from Virginia for my first real job at Linode. Since then, I have made Philadelphia my home after moving from New Jersey for an amazing opportunity to advance my career as a Linux Systems Administrator at the Urban Outfitters headquarters. At the end of 2013, I left Urban Outfitters to join a local startup Sidecar, working as a systems administrator with many development and operations responsibilities. In early 2016, I left Sidecar to become a systems administrator at the Comcast headquarters here in Philadelphia. Oh, and I have a website, but you probably already knew that.


PHP, Linux, and computer networking are all pretty exciting to me. My strongest language is definitely PHP, but I'd like to think that my Bash scripting is nice too. However, I generally don't think of myself as a developer or programmer. I enjoy network and system administration way more than debugging code. I've come across quite a few different networking protocols and services that I've learned tons about for both personal and professional use. I have experience setting up many Linux services including httpd (Apache), iptables, nginx, lighttpd, ntpd, mysqld, bind/named, pptpd, openvpn, vsftpd, puppet, sshd, tftpd, and squid among others. A few Cisco routers and switches that I got online have helped me learn quite a bit as well. Debian and Arch are probably my favorite distributions of Linux, but my MacBook Air is great too. Unrelated to technology, I really like both playing and watching basketball. I've also been getting in to cooking recently.